Collection #1:   COMPOSITION IS: PUZZLE / product

This collection studies the idea of composition as a product – a finished entity, perceived in an instant. Photography, one of six areas of design in which anARCHI design engages is used to illustrate this concept. The least explored of the six areas of design of my business, my primary and most recent exposure to the world of photographs has been through Instagram. Intrigued by this very visual social media platform, and its ability to make anyone and everyone feel like a righteous photographer, I use it as a way to communicate ‘composition’ as not only a finished entity, but also as a removal of the superficial (and/or the deceptive expert-photographer-credibility Instagram gives its users) to disclose the structure and bare bones of design. 

Instagram provides filters and quick editing tools to enhance often otherwise mundane photos. It glamorizes photos, intensifying their aesthetic appeal. When one isolates the photo by subtracting all of these filters however, the bare bones of composition are revealed; and hopefully, the aesthetic appeal remains.

The photos in this collection were all taken with Instagram. Desaturated and stripped away of coloured filters, all that is left is the composition – the objects that make up the photograph, coming together to convey a flattened, finished product observed and visually processed in an instant. 

”PUZZLE / product” communicates the notion of “composition” as individual pieces within a compressed time period that influence each other to instantaneously formulate a cumulative entity.

“Residue of Creation” – A remnant (physical, emotional) of creating an individual piece inspires the design of the next.

“Shared Medium” – At least one medium or material used in the creation of an individual piece is used to illustrate the next.

“Methodology” – The way of making an individual piece is applied in some form or capacity to the creation of the next.

Collection #2:   COMPOSITION IS: PIECES / process

This collection (made up of 3 sub-collections) studies the idea of composition as a process – layered pieces, built up over time. Five of the six areas of design in which anARCHI design engages are explored in this collection, and are organized in each sub-collection as follows:  For the home,   Artwork,   Architecture,   Graphics,   Tattoo  

To examine “composition” as an active process I started each of the three sub-collections with the alteration of a furniture piece. From the resulting design of the chair, I then established a conceptual criterion on which the design of the next piece in that sub-collection would be based, which also acts as that sub-collection’s title. This conceptual criterion associates each piece with its predecessor in some way. I worked in a linear fashion, creating each piece, one after another, allowing the previous piece to inform the design of the next based on the criterion; each piece then representing a step in the compositional process. As a result, the act of composing is spread over the five pieces of each sub-collection.

”PIECES / process” communicates the notion of “composition” as individual pieces within a prolonged time period that influence each other to eventually formulate a cumulative entity.