In a personal endeavour to make design more easily understandable and accessible to all (as well as to playfully account my architecture school experiences) I create books of reference that aim to disseminate design philosophies in a fun and relatable way. I begin by selecting a particular design principle or concept that is prevalent in design practice, then compare and relate it to a more universal subject matter, translating a foreign idea into something familiar and comprehensive. Through these books I attempt to explain design and architecture by revealing them through a more recognizable context.


"NORTH IS ALWAYS UP: architecture school in everyday life"

"ALWAYS WRITE IN CAPS: the anatomy of typeface"

"ALWAYS DRAFT A SECTION: part II of II - envisioning with the mind"


"NORTH IS ALWAYS UP: architecture school in everyday life"

Architecture school will teach you that when orienting an architectural plan, north is always up.

In anARCHI design’s ongoing effort to make the design discipline more easily accessible, "North is Always Up" is an amusing commentary on the exclusive design vocabulary that is instilled in the architecture school environment. Often referred to as “archispeak”, this terminology is frequently used in architecture circles, but can be confusing and meaningless to those who are not familiar with it. 

By taking advantage of the accessibility and outreach of Instagram, "North is Always Up" aims to define and relate 40 of these architectural terms to photographs that capture everyday sites and situations in an attempt to make sense of this exclusive language. It is essentially a translation of “archispeak” through interpretations of the everyday.

It is hoped that in sharing this playful account, it will inform and inspire a newfound understanding and appreciation for a now more approachable architecture world. 

Limited copies of the book are available for purchase at PlugIn ICA.



"ALWAYS WRITE IN CAPS: the anatomy of typeface"

Architecture school will teach you to always write in caps.

Like its predecessor North Is Always Up: Architecture school in everyday life, this book aims to provide accessibility and insight into the design world by disseminating some of its inherent ideologies. In both books this is achieved by translating these often-unfamiliar principles into something relatable. While North Is Always Up related specific architectural terms to sites and situations of the everyday, Always Write In Caps relates the design and application of typefaces, or fonts, to the human body; i.e. the anatomy of letters to that of the body. 

The fascination with fonts that is instilled in architects and designers comes as a result of engaging in a field that revolvesentirely around visual communication, clarity and legibility. Design can only be appreciated when it can be clearly read. 

Designers are known for having a favourite typeface. We praise and overuse some, while we condemn and avoid others sometimes based on reasoning that may seem annoyingly subtle and insignificant. The fact of the matter is the art of designing, choosing and applying typefaces involves a multitude of complex components and minute considerations, which can admittedly be pretentiously fussy. Always Write In Caps: The anatomy of typeface playfully addresses these notions by creating 26 different typefaces designed from the shape of the human body. In personifying and giving identity to the letters of the alphabet by deriving typeface anatomy, proportionand even personality from that of the human body I hope to offer a relatable meaning, a humorous dissection, and a better understanding of the designer’s strange obsession with the world of typefaces.

Limited copies of the book are available through the anARCHI design studio.




"ALWAYS DRAFT A SECTION. Part II of II: Envisioning with the mind"

Coming soon.