THE WAY OF WORKING   anARCHI design aims to preserve the gradually disappearing emphasis on artistic creativity and handcrafting in today's digital age. I strongly believe that human intervention (as in the emphasis on hand-making and drawing) is critical in developing ideas, communicating those ideas, and generating provocative, authentic work that is humanized. Implicating the hand in making and drawing forces a physical interaction and engaging process with the medium with which one works, facilitating a more insightful understanding, and a better illustration of concept.

In addition to humanizing creative processes, across all my work, I aim to stimulate conversations and provoke inquiry surrounding architecture and the act of designing; moreover the relationship amongst architecture, art, and process. I achieve this directly through the subject matter of my art as well as through live art performances. Whether shifting one's perspective through a 2D/3D layered rendering, telling a story through a labyrinth architecture drawing, or activating public space to alter how we interact with our surroundings through a live art performance, the work of anARCHI design is rooted in translating design ideas through more relatable contexts.

THE PHILOSOPHY  |  Upon graduating with a Masters of Architecture in 2011, I aspired to initiate an innovative business venture with the primary goal of making the world of design a more accessible one. This concept, and my compelling desire to realize it, came as a result of an observation and critique about design culture. The interpretive art of designing is unfamiliar territory to many simply because it can often be perceived as an unapproachable and exclusive field. Design ideas, process, service and product should be readily available things as there is limitless integration and intrinsic value in design. Yet, they are sadly often seen as quite the opposite in the contemporary design profession – inaccessible, intimidating and unaffordable. The necessity for an entity through which design & art culture could be disseminated, integrated, and practiced more collaboratively is how anARCHI design was created.

THE NAME   “ARCHI-” is a prefix commonly used in the design profession to describe something that is of, or related to architecture. More candidly, it is a smug preface-term often used to indicate a higher level of intelligence and status. It aims at distinguishing the 'superior designer' from the 'lowly commoner' through its placement before ordinary words.  For example: "ARCHISPEAK” {According to The Urban Dictionary} : Large, made-up words that architects and designers use to make themselves sound smarter than you (you being the client or the confused observer of design). It does nothing to inform or enlighten the consumer of architecture and mostly serves to numb them into obedience or self-doubt.    

This prefix is (indeed) a reflection of how obscure and inaccessible the realm of design can be. The name "anARCHI" embodies my philosophy by communicating the idea of exposing architecture & design, making it more transparent and inclusive, as in un- or anti- "Architecture" in its pretentious and exclusive sense. Placing "ARCHI", a cheeky prefix, secondary to another also adds in metaphorically diminishing its sense of self-entitlement. All this comes together to form a powerful name from which to instigate a design revolution. anARCHI!

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