"DESIGN IS M.A.D.E.: An interactive design crawl through Winnipeg's Exchange District"

Co-organizer + Outdoor Market Vendor

Event map + handout

Event map + handout

THEME: DESIGN IS EVERYWHERE"The vision for Winnipeg Design Festival 2015 is to expose the process and value of design to the general public to inspire and spark an appreciation for good design in the world around us."

This curated event showcases the vast scope and integration of all aspects of design within our everyday lives. The acronym M.A.D.E. (M-Markets, A-Art, D-Design Studios, E-Eat & Drink) is used to facilitate a broadened understanding of design, instigating a comprehensive dialogue with the public. We invite you to explore and experience design through engaging your five senses.

The intention & value of design are often overlooked, inaccessible or invisible within contemporary lifestyles. This event aims to disseminate design by bringing to the forefront its universality. Design is M.A.D.E offers a unique perspective by questioning preconceived definitions of the word “design”. Although we may not always be cognizant of it, we continuously see, hear, touch, taste and smell a multitude of design forms. This event originates from this very basic notion and stimulates these senses through a curated design crawl in Winnipeg’s culturally rich Exchange District community. 




"ADAPTATION: Challenging Our Perception of Portage & Main - Interactive Art Installation"


THEME: CHA(LLE)NGE. "WDF 2016 is focusing the festival around the incredible value in good design that challenges conventions to change the way we experience the world".

"ADAPTATION: Challenging Our Perception of Portage and Main” is a live, site-specific, interactive art installation addressing the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute panel discussion topic "Change at Portage & Main". The installation evokes awareness of architectural adaptations to this iconic intersection on various scales: our physical adaptations to immediate space, and visual adaptations to the greater Portage and Main intersection site. While the strategically placed triptych structures reflect the confined pedestrian experience of the intersection’s concourse, they simultaneously begin to visually suggest a re-imagined narrative as the artworks unfold against a backdrop of existing infrastructure. 

With the help of four talented Winnipeg visual artists - Cori Jaye, Gabrielle Funk, Vladimir Kraynyk and David Oro, the project reveals that architecture and design are not stagnant, final product, but rather constantly shifting, dynamic entities that must negotiate environment and inhabitants. It challenges how we perceive and adapt to architecture in the context of this integral city hub.