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These pieces are created by manifesting flow, cultivated not only by Zephyra when she creates the pieces, but inevitably in the viewer of the art as well. These meditative pieces of artwork intentionally stimulate a sense of being present in the moment, something we all strive for in our disconnected, digital lives. Read more of Zephyra’s Artist Statement here.

Original works, prints, and framed prints are available for purchase through the Flow Shop. All items can be purchased online (or in person) and picked up at my studio at 680-70 Arthur Street in Winnipeg’s Exchange District during my open studio hours: Thursdays + Fridays 9am-5pm, or by appointment. I also offer shipping on unframed prints to Canada/USA. All prices include tax.

If you are not from Winnipeg and desire an original work or framed print, are from outside Canada or the US, or require to pick up your art at a specified time, I’d be more than happy to make special arrangements with you. Please contact me!